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The sea around the island is to be seen and not only because of its beaches. Incredible spots are the sand islets such as the Île aux Nattes that can be reached by pirogue, Ampanihy bay with its characteristic mangroves, the coral reef where diving and snorkelling is possible or the exciting safari by boat looking for whales.
Sainte Marie is not just sea.
In Ambotifotatra, the small capital of the island, it is possible to visit the Pirates Cemetery, the first Catholic church built in Madagascar (1857), the remains of the harbour of the East India Company and also to make excursions by off-road vehicles to the Waterfalls, rides by bicycle and trekking in the forest discovering typical Madagascar flora and fauna with lemurs and chameleons.
Mora Mora Village Hotel organizes all these activities and totally supports its guests.

MORA MORA HOTEL - Ambodiforaha - Sainte Marie - Tel. (00261) 20 57 91378 - Madagascar -